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Group 4 security is the world’s largest security firm with over 600,000 employees in 90 countries. The security guards candidates believe it could be the best platform to get work but here is the g4s security review which shows you the benefits and drawbacks of the organization.

Not every multinational companies offer employees better facilities. Not every big company can be the platform to grow and gain new skills. I broke down g4s security reviews into two parts: advantages and disadvantages.

G4S security review

Since the organization operates in many countries around the world, it must comply with local laws and regulations on dealing with its customers and employees, So might not be the same everywhere, but there are some advantages of working for group 4 security companies.


  1. Salary;

The employees will get their salary, in accordance with, the labor law of the particular country and it will be processed through the wage protection system (WPS). If you join this company, you may not worry about the delay in your salary because you receive it in your bank account at the end of the month.

2. Opportunities;

It offers equal opportunities for everyone to join the company regardless of differences in religion, culture, ethics, and gender.

3. Accommodation allowances;

The company provides decent accommodation to foreign employees free of cost. It also provides a housing allowance who does not want to remain in the company’s accommodation.

4. Transportation allowances;

In many countries, organization transports employees for changing shifts by company vehicles, some officers receive transport and communication allowances.

5. Career development;

The company has the policy to provide equal opportunities for employees to develop careers within the organization. Since the company has a large number of employees, there are many senior ranks and positions to control the activities of each employee. If you work in a large organization with many higher ranks you obviously have more chance to get a promotion.

6. Workplace;

This is one of the trusted security firms in the world. The reason for that, world-leading corporations have awarded the contract for protection, therefore, you would get a chance to work in the most beautiful work sites.

7. Workplace life balance;

The company provides one day off every week, every year the employees go for a vacation and holidays, so that, the company has maintained a work-life balance.

8. Well managed company;

Although there are some bad managers, overall the company is good at management.

9. Security brand;

G4S is a well-known security company in the world. The employees of this company consider themselves professional.

10. Other benefits;

G4S provides uniforms to employees without any cost, insurance, and other compensations are super.


Not every company is perfect, there are some pros and cons of working in Group 4 security. The following disadvantages have mentioned by the previous employees.

  1. Average salary: Although it is the most profitable organization in the world, it pays neither higher nor lower wages to its employees.
  2. No rewards: The management team does not keep the employees’ performance records and does not reward them.
  3. Internal communication: Difficult to communicate directly with higher positions.
  4.  Training: The company gives you basic training related to your job, not to any other skills development training.
  5.  Vacations: It will take time unless there is an emergency for vacation approval.

Conclusion: g4s security review has done after doing the research about the company. Although there are some drawbacks overall the company is good and recommendable.

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