Everything need to know about 5 years tourist visa UAE.

5-year tourist visa UAE

UAE has become the first country in the world that provides five years of tourist visas, The visitors who obtain this visa could enter and exit the country as many times as they want; that is why it is referred to as a 5-years tourist visa UAE.

If you want to come to Dubai to look for work on a tourist visa, it is good news because last time you get the tourist visa for 30 days, it can be extended to 90 days.

Since a three-month tourist visa was sometimes limited to search for a job, there is evidence that many people returned to their homes without finding jobs.

If you did not have a job within three months, you had no option but to return to your country.

You now have three options for coming to the UAE to look for work.

  1. A three-month tourist visa (renewable up to 90days).
  2. Tourist visa valid for five years ( not required for renewing).
  3. Visit visa ( extendable for 90days)

 5-year tourist visa UAE cost;

The cost of the UAE’s five-year tourist visa is not specified, as it has launched recently. However, due to the period, it will be more expensive than others.

 Features of the 5yrs tourist visa?

  1. It is a multiple-entry visa, which means that you can enter and leave the country as many times as you wish before your visa expires.
  2. Visitors will stay for up to 90 days without doing anything but must extend their stay if they wish longer.
  3. After staying a six-month in the UAE, you must exit the UAE and re-enter this country to comply with the legal provision.
  4. You can not remain five years continuously, but each entry, you should exit the country after six months of stay.
  5. You do not require to go back to your country after six months because you can exit the UAE’s neighboring countries like Oman, Jordan, Qatar and KSA and come back again.

Who can obtain five years tourist visa UAE?

Anyone who requires entry to the UAE for any reason is eligible to apply for this visa. Suppose you want to visit and stay in the UAE regularly. A five-year tourist visa may be the best option.

Who can be the sponsor of this visa?

Unlike the other visas, this one does not require a sponsor from the UAE. Individuals may become the self-sponsor.

Can you apply for this visa on behalf of a family member?

If you are a UAE resident, you must send a visit visa to a family member who wishes to visit you. You can now apply for a five-year tourist visa for your loved one, which allows enter and exit this country within 5years.

The five-year tourist visa UAE can give plenty of time to the job seekers because they can go back to their country if there are not many job opportunities in the market and come again to continue the job-hunting process.

UAE residents who want to bring family members also benefit from this program because their family members can come here frequently until five years without restriction.

How to get a visit visa in UAE? 

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