emirates airline news today firing 30,000 employees


The world’s largest widebody career emirates airline has just completed the meeting on Monday with the employees who are being terminated from their roles due to the COVID 19 pandemic. As the  Bloomberg Reported about emirates airline news today, The headquarters of the company was packed, because, a huge number of the people were presented.

The meeting was emotional because the job losers will face uncertain careers near the future, because, many airlines company have impacted due to the pandemic and they will not hire the new staff until mid of 2021.

After the national and international fight baned from the government of UAE and government of other countries most of the Emirates Aircraft have been grounded except few are active for the repatriation flights.

Passengers especially those who have visited the gulf region they love to fly to the Emirates airline because of superior services and modern aircraft, as well as the Skywards customer loyalty program.

Although the company has not confirmed the number of employees who will discharge from duty, there is a strong indication that the airline will cut a lot of jobs to preserve cash in the current situation.

According to Bloomberg’s news, the top official of the Emirate Airline said that the organization would lay off up to 30,000 active employees or that the number could reach one-third of the total staff.

Who’s going to lose the job with Emirates Airlines?

The government of the UAE has implemented new degrees to help the privates organization, allowing the employer to reduce the worker salary or restructure the current contract on mutual agreement. The workers have no choice whether to accept the salary reduction or lose the job.

The new degree also protects UAE nationals, restricts the company from dismissing any citizen of the UAE. It is, therefore, clear that there will be no impact on the UAE national job although they are working with Emirates Airlines.

Who losing the jobs?

According to the Emirates airline, today news publishes on Bloomberg the following employee will lose the job in UAE and worldwide.

  1. Expatriates workers most of the cabin crew.
  2. More than 3000 engineer
  3. Hundreds of the pilot
  4. UAE resident, a ground airline workers

Emirates airline had mentioned on the termination letter “You will receive your contractual basic salary and fixed allowances applicable to your grade and position until your last day of service” on September 13”.

Since the company halted its operation it has been paying the reduced salary for the employees, but now the time has come to say goodbye to the best company to work in the UAE.

Although the UAE government wants to help the emirates airline through the stimulus packages it will recover when the COVID 19 vaccine is available in the world.

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