dubai job market after Covid19 lock down


The Dubai job market has only a few activities of hiring after the government issued the stay home order and the social distancing measure applied to prevent the coronavirus virus spread.

The UAE private sector hard hit by the covid19 global pandemic. The government has implemented precautionary measures cause of that many companies are closed And employees are in accommodation, some are on paid and some of them unpaid leave.

There are four sectors affected heavily in the UAE.

  1. Hospitality companies
      • ¬†luxurious hotels to
      • lavish resorts and
      • ¬†Campgrounds.
      • Quick-service Establishments
      • Catering Businesses
      • Full-Service Restaurants
  2. Entertainment companies
      • Marinas
      • Sports and Gaming
      • Cruise
      • Nightclubs
      • Bars
      • Timeshare
      • Convention Centers
      • Villas and Resorts
  3. Transportation companies
      • Air space company
      • Car rental
      • Aircraft ground handling companies
      • Aircraft leasing companies
      • Cruise line
      • Taxi rental
  4. Tourism companies
      • Travel and holiday companies
      • Travel insurance companies
      • The Travel agents

These companies will not recover soon although the UAE recovered from the COVID 19 epidemic. Their business has intertwined with the world economy and most affected businesses were run through the majority of the tourist.

Most of the world’s traveling countries, the United States and European states have become the new coronavirus epicenter. The impact of their economy is also drastic.

To thrive in the affected business in Dubai people need to come to this country. When we see the world situation many people will lose the job which will directly hit their traveling expenditures. The largest companies have been losing a million dollars since travel restrictions have been imposed.

So what is the next move in Dubai job Market?

The UAE government has issued a decree on March 26, now the private sector companies can restructure their existing contract from the date of it was issued.

We should be clear that the companies can reduce the worker’s salary they can ask you to sign a new contract.

However, according to the new degree, the contract should be made with mutual agreement with employees and employers. Only the employer company cannot do it without your consent.

The provisions of the new resolution are only applicable to expatriate employees, not the UAE national and It will remain until precautionary measures exist to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

If the company wants to reduce the worker salary requires a sign from employees on the additional annexure with the mutually agreed time frame. Or as long as this resolution remains valid.

For signing the annexure the employer must present to the ministry and it should issue two copies, one for employers and one for employees.

What are the opportunities here?

  • If you lost the job or the company has the access staff after affected by the pandemic they should not send the worker to their home country.
  • The company should register the workers in the virtual job market or
  • Workers, themself also can register on the UAE virtual job market.

The virtual job market is the new platform launched by the Ministry Of Human Resource and Emiratisation (MOHRE) in which privates sectors employees can apply for the job as per their request and companies hire the talent on that platform.

When you hire from other companies on the virtual job market. The current companies have to provide the accommodation and other dues except for salary until the new employer’s company completes the process to hire you.

Best way to find a job in Dubai

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