Dubai student can bring their family member


Dubai has become a regional destination for the higher education of international students. There are 77 universities with thousands of campuses that deliver world-class education along with scholarships and career opportunities to foreign students. Even further the UAE government has allowed Dubai student to be the sponsor for their family member.

The new immigration law has been amended so that international students from any university can bring their parents, wife/husband, and children on a dependent visa. A family member in the UAE may seek employment opportunities and obtain a resident visa if they get a job or start a business.

There are a number of reforms that have made in the student visa in Dubai to attracts international students, including, offering the 5 years long-term visa, a part-time work permit, and living in this country after completing their studies.

Student parents in the UAE who have a resident visa may apply for an educational loan from private banks. There are some criteria to meet for the educational loan click here to learn more.

If you would like to learn how to get a student visa for Dubai, then you can find this article that guides you into each step, need to require applying for a student visa in the United Arab Emirates.

Part-time Jobs In Dubai For Students

Being a student in the UAE, you can seek a part-time job in the mailand and free zone companies. Many companies in the free zone area love to hire international students as a temporary employee.

Most importantly the family members of the expatriates’ students can plan for a long-term feature in UAE. The government has recently launched a renewable retirement visa that does not require renewal before 5 years.

Anyone who meets some criteria over the age of 55 years can apply for a long-term retirement visa, so, you can enjoy yourself with your family members in UAE, although, you have got regiment from your workplace.


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