Amazon in Saudi Arabia, learn what kind of services it provides.

Amazon is the fourth-largest company in the world after Google, Microsoft, and Apple. It’s an American tech. Companies whose business is e-commerce, cloud, digital streaming, and artificial technology. Amazon in Saudi Arabia has officially completed replacing after purchased the Dubai based e-commerce company and well known in the GCC country.

$580m deal wrapped up acquiring in March 2017 in Dubai since then amazon UAE had started providing online shopping services to the UAE base customers but Users in other gulf countries have been buying in

Now all the customers or website visitors for will be redirected to the and they will lend on the Amazon official website. The Amazon to Saudi Arabia will offer similar services to those offered in other countries around the world.

Although Amazon KSA will not face difficulties in finding customers because many customers are already loyal to Souq, the focus has now been on attracting customers. Here are some of the primary services in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Free shipping;

Although their business policy is to charge the buyer or seller shipping costs, the customer who purchases in the Amazon Saudi Arabia will obtain items without paying any additional costs.

2. Next-Day delivery services;

If the customer has ordered any item from Amazon SA, the prices are more than 200 Saudi Riyal and the item will be shipped on the next day without any delivery charges.

3. Same day delivery services;

Shipping will take place on the same day if customers are willing to pay additional charges for delivery.

4. Purchases from Amazon store;

The customers can buy items from the online shop of the amazon.

5. Buy with others;

Customers may purchase from the national and international sellers those who sell their own products on the Amazon website. However, charges may apply depending on the delivery time frame.

6. Sell the products;

In the same way, to other countries, national and international enterprises, and individuals can sell their own products after creating a virtual shop.

7. Affiliate Marketing;

Individuals can sell other products by promoting a link on the website. Any purchase made by clicking on a link to get a commission can vary depending on the product.

8. Amazon MTurk;

People can earn some money by completing small tasks including data validation, writing review, and other online work.

9. Cloud services;

Digital ocean is the amazon data hosting platform the service is available in the GCC, you can host your website or other official data.

10. Offer and discount;

The Amazon to Saudis has a number of discounts and promotions that buyers can take advantage of opportunities to buy a quality product at a low or huge discounted price.

Amazon for Saudi Arab has not offered the amazon prime in Saudia, just like the users have been enjoying in the UAE, however, it can roll out in the future.

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