20 countries, where security guard salary is higher


security guard salary is different from country to country, state to state, and company to company. Private security companies are growing rapidly in the world because people are more concerned about their own safety and property.

The number of private security personnel has already outnumbered the police officers in many countries including, the United States, Australia, the UK, France, and more. In the developed country the professional security concept has been implemented, therefore, a license requires before performing the security guard tasks.

A security guard shall obtain a license after training and successfully pass a state or federal level security test taken by the authority. As security guard work concerns the protection of people and valuables, it is very important to bring them within the framework of the common rules and to monitor their implementation.

In the advanced country, this principle already applies in practice, therefore, a security person or the private security industry must comply with the state’s security rules. If anyone violates it, they will be liable for punishment.

A security regulatory authority is an agency that regulates, supervises, and enforce the rules and regulation among the security officers and security industries. Depending on the country the regulatory authority can be state or federal level.

From this point of view we can divide the security personnel into categories;

  1. Professional security guards

  2. Non-Professional security guard.

In the developing country, security guards are unprofessional, anyone can be employed and work as security guards, they can work without training or licensing.

Security personnel in the developed county learn basic security guard skills and improve professional knowledge through training. Result for that they are more capable of the protection of people and properties.

On the other hand, the salary of security guards in developed countries is higher than their counterparts in developing countries.

Here in this article, you’ll find a list of countries where security guard salaries are much higher than in other countries around the world. Security workers in the majority of the countries receive daily wages and hourly pay, but some countries pay them on a monthly basis.

The average security guard salary in the world.

Most European countries have dominated this list, as they pay more than other countries in the world. From Asia, only two countries have listed here are paying competitive salaries to private security guard personnel.

Although the USA is the number one economy in the world it is lacking in the European countries in terms of the average salary for the security guard.

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