Is there any office for World Remit Nepal to payout?

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World Remit Nepal is the UK-based online money transfer company that has expanded its market by managing offices and establishing a collaboration network for almost every country in the world. If you are thinking about sending money through the worldRemit This blog will provide you, the comprehensive details about the Wold remit.

How does worldRemit work?

It is typically a remittance company that allows people to transfer cross-border money and air time top-up world-wide. If you want to send money through this network there are various options available;

Sending options

  • Send money from your bank account
  • Send money via your credit and debit card.
  • Use a mobile app or web to make remittance transactions and airtime top-up
  • Send cash from WorldRemit‘s offices.

Payment options

  • Cash pick up
  • Transfer to the bank account
  • World remit wallet
  • Recharge mobile numbers worldwide.

How to send money to Nepal through World remit?

  1. Enter the amount how much you would like to send
  2. Add the New recipient or choose from the list that you have previously sent.
  3. Pay through cash pick-up or bank transfer
  4. Just wait for the notification of the confirmation

Where are worldremit offices in Nepal?

World remit has not any offices in Nepal but it is powered by the trusty remittance company Samsara and NIC Asia Bank. If anyone sends money through this network, Samsara’s agents across the county pay in cash and NIC Asia bank handles the banking transaction e.g account deposit.

Worldremit location in Kathmandu.

More than 1500 agents of Samsar are located inside the Kathmandu Valley. Where the IME and other remittance payments available, Samsara remittance also paid there. The person who does the remittance business takes agent license of many remittance companies including samsara.

If you want to get a specific location for payment of world remit Kathmandu and other locations of Nepal search from here. Thre are more than 7500 cash pickup locations in Nepal through the Samsara remit and 100+ NIC Asia bank branches across the country.

How long, does it take to deliver money to the recipient through the world remit Nepal?

It is instant cash payment services the beneficiary can collect money from the samsara remit’s agents immediately. The sender will be informed via text when the money is being delivered in Nepal.

From experience, normally the international remittance fund paid in Nepal within 24hrs unless there is a holiday.

What long does it take to credit into the recipient bank account?

If you send money via this network generally it takes 24hrs to deposit into the bank account of the receiver if there is not a holiday in Nepal.

Is World remit Nepal safe?

Yes, it’s obviously a secure network to send money around the world, because, they have been providing these services since 2010. In the context of Nepal, it is partnered with Samsara remit which is fast-growing and comes at No 9 in the top 10 remittance companies in Nepal. Find the best remittance company in Nepal by clicking this link.

Conclusion: If you are thinking about sending money via the world remit Nepal, nothing to worry about your money it would deliver to the beneficiary. I am not promoting them here in this article, but, I have been doing the remittance business and one of the Samsara Remit agents in Nepal.

Throughout my agency every month we pay million of Nepali rupees to the customer using the Samsara network the money comes through the world remit.

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