What should you know, Kuwait government bans all expats

Kuwait government bans all expats from their posts and replaces them with Kuwaiti. The Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Waleed Al-Jassem, has stated that the resolution not only excludes ex-pats from their ranks but also freezes the application for employment that comes from foreign nations.

According to Kuwait’s time, the Ministry will not extend the contract with expatriate employees when the contract has expired. There are more than 1000 workers in different roles with the Kuwaiti Municipality, it is now taking aggressive steps to reduce the number of foreigners.

The replacement model will draw after discussed with the senior government officials. The assemblies of the Kuwaiti Parliament backed the proposal and introduced legislation to abolish all government foreigners who are working for the Kuwaiti government.

The government’s consideration for foreign staff came at the time when the nation is dealing with a very tough job of controlling COVID 19, as the disease has spread steadily every day.

Although Kuwait started discouraging hiring the foreign national in the government department from 2019 it did not work effectively because of a lack of enforcement mechanism. There is a 26% higher government position have occupied by foreigners.

What is the government planning?

The government purposed legislation should approve from the national assemble and accept by the government.

When the law comes into force within the three months the government will announce the application form Kuwait national to replace the foreigners.

If there is no local application, the job will go to a foreigner and be temporary for 1 year. It can be renewed after 1 year.

On the other hand, the Kuwait Municipality now it is the position to terminates 60% of the foreigners and reducing the salary of the existing workers.

In the first phase, the municipality is reviewing the various expatriate’s contracts, positions, and qualifications.

Some of the foreign workers will receive a decrease salary after amending their position and who have held the fake documents will terminate without any compensation.

Kuwait ‘s government is one of the Gulf countries that has heavily relied on more than 70% of foreign workers to operate public services.

When the news circulated in the social media that the Kuwait government bans all expats. Most of the foreign national who has been working in the government sectors have faced an uncertain career path.

Out of the government sector, there are not many job opportunities available because the private’s sector companies’ business has a hard hit after the government shuts down the country to prevent the novel coronavirus.


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