Top Investment banks in UAE and Dubai.

Investment banking is not similar to conventional banking where the bank offers deposit and loan options to the customers. An organization that provides investment banking services, it arranges or finds, the capital for the other organizations that have subscribed to its services. If any company wants to fund or sell bonds or stocks the investment banks in UAE find the potential investor for them.

There are only a few financial institutions registered as an investment bank, but many of the commercial banks in the UAE provide investment services through a separate department.

The Union law (10)-1980 has defined an investment bank as a bank that does not accept deposits whose maturities are less than two years but may borrow from its head office, from local or foreign banks, or from financial markets.

The majority of foreign banks in the UAE provide investment and asset management services. Here is a list of the best investment banks in the United Arab Emirates.

Investment Banks in the UAE

  1. Morgan Stanley Co International;

It is an American multinational investment bank that has a business footprint for every developed or developing country that has a large financial market. The primary businesses of the organization are institutional securities, wealth management, and investment management.

In the United Arab Emirates, the bank has been providing the service since the establishment of its branch, including;

  • capital raising and financial advisory services
  • mergers and acquisitions advisory,
  • restructurings,
  • real estate,
  • project finance,
  • corporate lending.

It is one of the best foreign investment banks in the UAE and well established in the world.

2. HSBC Financial Services;

It is also another international bank that provides investment banking services in the UAE. The UK-based bank has provided both services to conventional banking and investment banking to the customers.

In the investment sector, it works with both party investors and fund seekers. HSBC offers the customer to select the option of internationally bound from Asia, the Eurozone, and the US. Those who are UAE residents have the opportunity to access the International Fund. Including equities, bonds, and special sector funds.

  1. Asset management
  2. Wealth planning
  3.  Lending
  4. Investment and
  5. Daily Banking

4. Noor Capital

It is an entity approved by the central bank of the United Arab Emirates to operate investment and advisory services in the financial sector. The company has registered with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and has been providing specialized services to the customer.

Noor capital provides the broader array of the services except the investment services some of them are;

  • Financial advisory
  • Investment
  • Fund administration
  • online forex trading platform

The investor may get the opportunities to invest in the products owned by the Noor capital or the third party.

5. Allied Investment Partners

The company was established in 2007 after obtaining the operating license from the central bank of the UAE. Although the company does not have many years of experience in the financial sector, highly qualified experts have contributed to the company as well as to the growth of the customer’s investment.


  • Asset management
  • Investment advisory
  • Wealth management
  • security and corporate advisory

6. Rasmala 

The company was founded in 1999 as an independent investment management manager. Initially, it was operated in the Gulf region, but now its geographic business footprint has reached the advanced financial market in the world, including London.

Rasmala provides a range of investment options to UAE residents in the world’s largest financial market. The services it offers are higher and the outstanding revenue generates to the customer.

7.SHUAA Capital

It is a UAE based old investment and wealth management company that was established in 1979 in the UAE, the headquarters of the firm is in Dubai. SHUAA has worked in the Gulf region to get the investment fund out of the foreign market and to allow the gulf resident to invest in the world market.

The company offers investors, products, and services with value-added advice and It is a pioneer in the field of exceptional product offering and excellence in financial services, in particular asset management and SME financing.


  • Investment Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Lending
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate manages

8. EnTrustPermal Investment 

It is a London based investment management company that has an office in Dubai. EnTrust Global offers the broader ranges of investment options to the institutions and individuals. The firm provides investment and advisory services including; More

  • co-investments,
  • private debt and real assets,
  • multi-asset and
  • multi-strategy portfolios

9. Palma Capital Limited

The company founded in 2009 in the Dubai international financial center (DIFC). The company offers corporate financial advisory and investment Opportunites, especially in the local market.

It allows investors to find the investment alternative and to finance the necessary companies.


As I said previously many commercial banks in the UAE offer investment banking services, however, these above financial institutions are the best and top investment banks in UAE and well known from the general public.

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