Top 10 commercial bank in Nepal 2020

The central bank of Nepal is the regulatory body for banking and financially institutional. By now, there is 27 commercial bank in Nepal under its jurisdiction. Only a few banks have a long history while others are between the age of 10 and 15yrs.

In 2019 the Central Bank of Nepal introduced merger policy, which led to the merger of several banks and financial institutions.

There is nothing to do without going for a merge if the bank does not meet the central bank requirement such as paid share capital, reserve fund, and transaction volume, etc.

This policy indicates that many commercial banks, development banks, and finance companies will merge together. some banks have already merged and some are on the discussion.

In this post I will describe the best commercial bank in Nepal, they are very strong and won’t merge but merges other financial institutions with them. We have considered many factors to list them into the top 10 banks in Nepal.

    • Share capital
    • Reserved fund
    • Joint venture with international banks
    • Transaction and trade volume
    • Services
    • Public reputation
  1. Rashtriya Banijya Bank;

It is one of the largest commercial banks in the country. Out of 100% the government has owned 90% ownership and 10% from the general public. As being the government-funded, many governmental payments to the states and institutions goes through this bank.

It is the most trusted bank in Nepal from the public perspective. The bank has more than 278 branches inside the Kathmandu valley and out of it. There is not any district where the Rashtriya Banijya bank is not presented.

The value of its share is high, because, it is the most profitable bank in Nepal. The bank provides a comparatively lower interest rate loan than other commercial banks in Nepal.

The Bank issues the visa credit and debit card that can accommodate electronic transfer but can not allow cross-border payment. Additionally, the overseas Cheque clearing and mobile banking facilities are available.

At the financial year 2018/19, RBB able to gain net profit RS 5,046,520,378 equivalent $USD 42,303,052.56.

Contact information:
  • Rastriya Bannijya Bank Ltd.
  • Central Office Singhadurbar Plaza, Kathmandu
  • (977-1) 425-2595
  •  (977-1) 425-2931
  • Email: [email protected]

2. Nabil Bank

It is another most profitable bank in Nepal following the NRBB (Nepal Rashtriya Banijya Bank). Nabil Bank is a well-known and well-managed commercial bank in Nepal. Although there are many banks in Nepal people love this bank for investment, because of, good return.

NB was established in 1984 as a commercial bank, since then it has been providing various types of banking solutions to its customer. It is another bank that issues the credit card which supports overseas.

Nabil provides a full range of commercial banking services through its 93 branches and 100+ ATM point in this country. In 2019 the bank achieved the net profit RS 3,980,000,000 equivalent $USD 33,362,819.64.

Contact information:


It is a leading commercial bank in Nepal and established in 1994. EB comes third in terms of revenue in FY 2019. In appreciation of its service, the Bank received a number of laurels and accolades. Recently the Panjab Nation Bank has awarded the “IDRBT Banking Technology Excellence Award”.

Everest Bank has joined venture with Panjab National Bank of India which has owned 20% equity. PNB also holding the top management post of the bank since it acquired the portion of the share.

The bank has operated 95 Branches, 123 ATM machines, 31 Collection Counters, and 3 Extension Counters across the country. FY 2019 net profit was 3,054,122,062 equivalent $USD 25,601,538.57.

Contact information;

  • EBL House, Lazimpat, P.O.Box 13384 Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Tel: 01-4443377
  • Fax: 01-4443160
  • Email: [email protected]

4. Himalayan Bank

It was established in 1993 joined ventured with Habib Bank limited of Pakisthan. Since then it has been maintaining the leading roles in the primary banking activities in Nepal. The bank has operated 75 branches across the countries and provides personal as well as corporate banking to the individual and the organization.

It is the first bank in Nepal that introduced the ATM and Ebanking services and now it has been providing most modern banking services to its costumers.

HBL abled to earn Net worth Rs 2,763,848,475 equivalent $USD 23,1682,85.98 in fiscal year 2018/19.

Contact information:

  • Call Us: 01-4227749, 01-4246218, 01-4246219, 01-4250201
  • HBL Corporate Office,
  • Kamaladi Kathmandu, Nepal
  • P.O. Box: 20590

5. Global IME bank

It is one of the most innovative banks in Nepal and 100% private ownership operated by the IME group. The group was started from the remittance services. Still, Ime remit is the most chosen remittance company in this country.

Since the beginning of the Global IME Bank, It has a history of merging other financial institutions. After acquired the Janata bank and Hathway Finance Limited at the end of 2019, it became the largest bank in Nepal.

The bank was founded with the largest capital base with NPR paid-up capital of 1.0 billion in 2007. Since then, the bank’s paid-up capital has risen to NPR 18.97 billion by 2020. The shares of the bank are publicly listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange as an ‘A’ class firm.

The bank earned net profit after the government tax Rs 2,761,953,667 equivalent $USD 23,152,402.52 in fiscal years 2018/19 and has operated 301 branches in various parts of the country.

Contact information:

  • Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • P.O. Box: 19327
  • Phone No: +977-1-4226247+977-1-4228671
  • Fax: +977-1-4228036
  • Email: [email protected]

6. Nepal Bank Limited;

It is the first commercial bank founded in BS.1956 through the government of Nepal to provide banking services to the public. Despite running in the low margin, the bank has other strong financial indicators that make it the best bank in the country. It has operated 209 branches across the country.

It is another bank where the Nepal government has owned the share. Although the bank adopted the technology very late than other commercial banks in Nepal. Now provides all innovative services. such as ATM services, mobile banking, and international Cheque clearance facility.

The bank earned net profit Rs 2,596,736,045 equivalent $USD 21,763,756.23 in fiscal years 2018/2019.

Contact information:

7. Stander Chartered Bank;

It is an international bank operating in Nepal since 1987 joined venture with Nepali people. Now SCB London has owned 70.21% ownership and 29.79% share owned by the Nepali public.

The bank has operated 15 representative offices and 26 ATM locations in Nepal. It is one of the most profitable banks in the world and comes No. 7 in terms of the profit it had gained in 2019.

SCB has reached out to Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, ASEAN, South Asia, Greater China & North Asian countries. In 2019 the bank achieved the net profit RS 2,434,664,521 equivalent $USD 20,408,862.64 in Nepal.

Both national and international services have been providing through Stander Chartered branches throughout Nepal.

Contact Information

8. SBI BANK     

Nepal SBI bank is the sister organization of State bank of India has been operating since 1993 in Nepal. SBI has owed 45% share, while Nepal provident fund 15% and general public 30% equity for NSBI bank.

The bank has operates 116 outlets, 88 full-fledged branches, 19 extension counters, 7 Province offices, and one corporate office. NSBI bank account holder can transfer to the SBI bank account in India.  And Indian account holders also able to utilize these services.

The majority of the Gorkha army are benefited from these services, because, they can obtain 2 ATM cards from India SBI bank which allows their family member to withdraw money from Nepal

There are 118 ATM machines are operating under the Name of NSBI bank in 50 districts out of 72 in Nepal.

In FY 2019 the bank gained net profit RS. 2,292,524,396 equivalent $USD 19,217,356.27

Contact Information

  • Kesharmahal,
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • TEL: 00-977-1-4435613

9. Prabhu Bank;

The Prabhu Bank belongs to the Prabhu group which has the number of companies in the field of services. The bank obtained an “A” class financial institution licensed governed by the central bank of Nepal in 2016. Now, it has 266 branches spreading in Kathmandu valley and out of it.

In a short period of time, the bank has succeeded to achieve remarkable growth in the financial sector. Especially after merging various financial institutions including Grand Bank Nepal Limited, Kist Bank Ltd, Prabhu Bikash Bank Ltd, Gaurishankar Development Bank Ltd, and Zenith Finance Ltd it emerged as the top largest bank in Nepal.

Although it is a new and emerging bank in the Nepal financial market. It’s net profit jump to RS 1,783,592,538 equivalent $USD 14,951,174.91 in fiscal year 2018/19.

Contact information:

  • Prabhu Bank Limited
  • Prabhu Building, Babarmahal
  • Phone:+977-1-4788500,
  • Fax:+977-1-4780588
  • Post Box No.:19441,
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Toll-Free No.: 16600107777

10. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited.

It is another international bank in Nepal joint venture with IFIC Bank Ltd of Bangladesh. The bank received the operating license from NBR (Nepal Rastra Bank) in 1994 and started commercial business in the Nepal financial market from 6th Jun 1994.

NBBL is A class commercial bank in Nepal which has operated 74 branches and 38 extension counters along with 169 ATM machines across the country.

FY 2019 the bank succeeded to gain the net revenue RS 1,549,395,912  equivalent $USD 12,987,994.06. 

Contact Information

  • Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal
  •  P.O. Box: 9062
  • 4233780/ 81/ 82/ 83/ 84/ 85
  •  Fax: 977-1-4233776
  •  [email protected]

Conclusion: All the commercial bank in Nepal has provided modern banking services. Such as mobile banking, E-banking, ATM services, and other finance-related services with advanced technology.

Thes above-listed banks are the top 10 commercial banks in Nepal, in addition, the best commercial banks in Nepal.

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