Top 10 best countries to live for expats


The HSBC has published its annual survey for expatriate workers around the world after taking the interview of more than 20 thousand participates. The survey revealed that the vast majority of ex-pats continue to prefer to relocate to another nation in search of a better life and better prospects. The UAE has continuously increased its ranking and now it ranked 4, on best countries to live for expats

Although the global pandemic COVID 19 has changed people’s plans to settle down and find work in other nations, many people continue to believe that those who live abroad enjoy a higher standard of living than those in their home country or region.

According to the poll, participants selected the countries on their best list based on earnings growth, job advancement, and overall quality of life.

The GCC countries, including Qatar and Bahrain, have also become favored nations in terms of employment, and They are now ranked 8th and 10th on this list, respectively.

The survey has concluded ex-pats are optimistic about the next 12 months.

  • 65% of ex-pats are feeling optimistic about the year ahead.
  • 75% of ex-pats are optimistic ‘normality’ will return.
  • At 71%, Asia ranked as the highest region for optimism about the year ahead.
  • 4 out of 5 ex-pats say they will continue living in their host country for the next year at least.

Best countries to live for ex-pats

  1.  Switzerland
  2. Australia
  3. New Zealand
  4. UAE
  5. Guernsey
  6.  Jersey
  7. Isle of Man
  8. Bahrain
  9. Singapore
  10. Qatar

Understanding your finances is critical to achieving success in this fast-growing environment; therefore, we believe it is important to note here what a poll discovered about ex-pats’ ambition and finance up to 12 months.

  1. 63% have seen their disposable income increase since moving abroad.
  2. Only 9% of ex-pats have had help from a financial adviser.
  3. Expats find their finances complex to manage, 52% of these say this is due to their tax situation.
  4. 60% say that saving for retirement is one of their top 3 goals.

For the past 14 years, HSBC has published a study based on a genuine survey of expatriate workers around the world. This 2021 poll gathered the opinions of ex-pats from 46 nations.

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