Is thamelremit A Scam? or best remit ever

If you are residents of America you might already hear about ThamelRemit, because, it is one of the popular online payment gateways to send money from the USA to Nepal. The Siddhartha bank is an associated partner and muncha money transfer powered by Thamelremit.

Before we choose the Thamel remit or any other online payment gateway it is very important for us to analyze The risk of allowing online platforms to access our financial secrets.

How does Themelremit work?

The themelRemit is the legally registered PTV. LTD company in Nepal Name of Thamel which is the center of the tourist industries and the most chosen place to visit by visitors around the world.

Without other parties involved, this company does not work alone to move money from the US to Nepal. So, let me explain the third parties and their limited responsibility for the transaction that has made at ThamelRemit.

  1. ThemelRemit Pvt. ltd: It is an independent organization, which functions as a client service representative to hear the complaints of senders and receivers. Not only it takes the complaints but also responsible to identify the issues and resolve them in a timely manner.
  2. MachNet: is a money transfer company that facilitates digital transactions and international payment services from the US to other countries. Machpay is the partner of Thamelremittance and helps you to send money from the USA to Nepal.
  3. Golden Money Transfer Inc: It is another party that involves sending money from America to Nepal through Thamelremit. GTM is the cross border technology companies based in San Diego, California, Themel remit acts as the marketing agent of the golden money transfer inc. The GTM also offers its users to send money from the US to Nepal visa Thamelremit.
  4. Siddhartha Bank: It is an “A”-level commercial bank and has autonomous ownership of the Siddharth group of Nepal. It works as the banking channel of Thamelremit. The result for that, the person who wants to deposit their Remit cash to Siddhartha bank or another bank account, it has made possible. The core banking system of Siddharthbank allows senders to deposit their transfer money directly into their own account, or any bank’s account in Nepal.
Is ThamelRemit is secure to use?

The ThamelRemit has registered under the name of ThamelRemit private Limited and located at the most popular tourist location Thamel in Kathmandu.

If it is not trustworthy, the Siddhartha bank would not act as the banking partner of this organization. So, The answer is yes, because there are two organizations that have involved the Siddhartha bank of Nepal and Golden money transfer in the USA. 

When the financial security is concern Thamelremit has promised it would not share user personal information that collects at the time of making transactions. If you want to get more details to see their Privacy Policy when you are sending money or contact them at the following address.

Thamelremit contact address;

Thamel Remit P. Ltd.,
Hattisar 1, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977-1-4416175, 4416888
+1-866-356-1201 (USA Toll-Free)

Email: [email protected]

If you make a transaction at Thamelremit you will make an online transfer to the direct deposit into the beneficiary bank account in Nepal.  There is nothing to worry about losing the financial data on the hand of hackers, because, all transactions carried out through secure encrypted lines with the most sophisticated firewall system.

How does the transaction settle with your bank account?

When you send money from Thamelremit it goes through electronic payments or AHC (automated clearing House) facility where your US bank account debits and Themel remit account will credit. In another word, the money will deduct from your US bank account and deposit to the Thamelremit account online automatically. 

What US bank accounts you can use for money transfer?

In the USA, the ThamelRemit is known as Machpay and all the transaction occurs under the name of it. To use the Machpay to send money to Nepal you should have a checking or saving accounts in the US bank.

Conclusion: Although ThemelRemit is not a brand like western union and MoneyGram for money transfer it very easy to use and secure a platform to send money from the united state to Nepal.

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