Is muncha money transfer Secure to send money?

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Muncha money transfer is an online payment gateway for NRN (Non-resident Nepalese) and American tourists to Nepal. By using this platform, The individual who held a US bank account can transfer money to the beneficiary bank account in Nepal. 

Muncha pay is ThamelRemit agent, in other words, the same network is known as the Thamel Remit in Nepal and Muncha Money in the US.

Who can use a Muncha?

The ThamelRemit or Muncha can be used by anyone who wants to send money for family maintenance, purchase of property, investments, transfers fund to other people account in Nepal.

What is required for sending money through Muncha?

Like other money transfer companies in the US and Nepal, Muncha also legally binding. However it works entirely on the web base, you can contact them in the United States or Nepal by phone in case of any inquiry needed. 

  1. US bank account: The sender must have a bank account in the United States and a debitable balance therein.
  2. Online transactions: Your account should have enabled online banking and accepts online transactions.
  3. Nepal Bank Account: The beneficiary should have a valid bank account in Nepal. they don’t have to open new account if they posses already.

How to send money?

It’s the simplest way to transfer money from a US bank account to Nepal. The process can take only a few minutes for filling out the online form.

Step first:
  • Visit ThamelRemit Or Muncha website
  • Register by providing the required details.
  • Provide the beneficiary and bank account details in Nepal.
  • Transfer money from Online Bank

Step second;

Received the Remittance Reference Number (RTRN) and keep it with you. RTRN is a unique and important number the system will provide you at the booking time of the remittance. This is very important to track your transaction status, because, it works as the root of your transaction.

How long does it take to deliver funds in Nepal?

Although most of the transactions done within 48hrs, the beneficiary will be notified right after you completely fill out the money transaction form. The first process is to transfer funds from your account to Munch account in the USA and deposit that amount into the receiver’s bank account in Nepal.

Hence, here you should be clear, that, the transaction completed time depends on how fast the fund transfers from your account to Muncha Account in the US.

How the Muncha inform you regarding your transaction status?

When you book the remittance you will get regular transaction status through email notification, however, for the accurate status log in your account on or and go over the “my transaction” you will find your tnsation. detail there.

Here are the transaction status and their explanation;
  • Pending: This means that your transaction is under verification and is awaiting processing.
  • Canceled: This means that you have canceled the transaction within the 30 minutes window, after initiating the order.
  • Processing: This means that we have received your Online Transfer instruction and it is in the banking channels for clearing.
  • Funds in clearing: This means that your Online Transfer instruction has been cleared, or your funds have been dispatched to your beneficiary.
  • Delivered: This means that the payment has been made to your beneficiary’s bank account and you can view the delivery details against your Remittance Reference Number.
Why you should Send money through ThamelRemit?
  • The remittance fees are lower than other remittance in the USA. Please click here to know about the Transaction Fees
  • It offers higher exchange rates compare to others
  • Themelremit allows you to deposit directly into the bank account in Nepal and the receiver can withdraw in its own time. 
  • It is a secure platform that has registered as Themel remit In Nepal and Muncha Money Tns in the US.
Is Muncha is secure to Use?

Many people doubt when they visit their website because of basic design but it works nicely and meets your expectations to send money to Nepal. All the transactions carried on 128-bit encryption and verified by FTAAC, therefore, there is no need to worry about your privacy.

The list of banks you can use TamelRemit to deposit.
  1. Kumari Bank
  2. Everest Bank
  3. Global IME Bank
  4. Machhapuchchhre Bank
  5. NMB Bank
  6. Siddhartha Bank
  7. Agriculture Development Bank
  8. Bank of Kathmandu
  9. Century Bank
  10. Citizens Bank International
  11. Civil Bank
  12. Janata Bank
  13. Himalayan Bank
  14. Laxmi Bank
  15. Mega Bank Nepal
  16. Nabil Bank
  17. Bangladesh Bank
  18. Nepal Bank
  19. Credit and Commerce Bank
  20. Nepal Investment Bank
  21. Nepal SBI Bank
  22. NIC Asia Bank
  23. Prabhu Bank
  24. Prime Commercial Bank
  25. Rashtriya Banijya Bank
  26. Sanima Bank
  27. Standard Chartered Bank Nepal
  28. Sunrise Bank

Conclusion: If you are residents of the United States searching for a cheaper and high-exchange rate remittance company, nothing is comparable to Muncha Money Transfer. I honestly tell you that I am not an affiliate of this organization I have explained in this post what I have found from my research.

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