Is Emirates Skywards Partners Any Good?

Emirates skywards partners program is a customer loyalty product of the UAE leading airline companies Emirate Airline and flydubai. These program has brought together a partnership between the two airlines to make passenger regular customers.

Customers flying whether Emirates or Fly Dubai will reward skywards miles that can spend for multipurpose. There’s a four-level of skywards, where you’ll benefit more as you upgrade your level.

How to achieve a higher tier of Skywards? 

You should do nothing than flying via the emirates or flydubai your tier will be upgraded automatically base on 2 factors;

  1. Earn the required Tier Miles by traveling with Emirates airline or Flydubai
  2. Complete the required numbers of Emirates or FlyDubai flights.

How to sign up skywards partners?

Just visit the emirates airlines official website or flyDubai and go over the loyalty option then click, You need to provide your personal detail for creating the account along with verifying your registration by clicking the link that has sent into your mailbox.

Emirates skywards partners’ tiers and benefits

  1. Emirates skyward blue

When you sign up, you will get this badge with a warm welcome email. You can take advantage of upgrading your tier through earning the mileages. Each flight when you check-in at the airport the miles will be added automatically and, the number of flights starts to count.

In addition, business class lounges will be given to you and your guest in Dubai. If you’re traveling in a VIP or business class, the ultimate free WiFi is available.

2.  emirates skywards silver benefits

This is the second tier, which offers additional benefits along with the emirates blue tier membership. I mean, you can access all of the blue level benefits, in addition, the silver provides you 25% bonus miles on each flight that you take from the day your account received the silver badge.

To became the emirates, skywards silver member, you should complete whether 25 flights or earn 25,000 tier miles through your flights.

3. emirates skywards gold benefits

As I said before, more benefits on the higher tier membership this is the golden chances to enjoy the golden advantages but not easy to received these badges. The customer will remain on silver until they reach 50,000 tier miles or completion of the 50 number of flights.

When you reach this level you can expect to access all blue and silver tiers benefits, in addition, 50% bonus mileages each onward flights that you make. Other most interesting things are free WIFI on board and complementary economic class seat selection option.

Look if you are traveling through economic class and do not prefer seat you can make a request to change your seat. The seat will not be exchanged but you can select another seat even though has already booked. The emirates flight team will adjust with other passengers for making you happy.

4. emirates skywards platinum benefits

This level is the king of the loyalty program, believe that you always travel in Emirate or flydubai as a king when you have skywards platinum membership. To become a member of this level, your flight’s number will not count, only can secure through achieving the 150,000 tier mileages.

Platinum members can access all the benefits that have offered to blue, silver, and gold. Additional benefits are;

  • First-class check-in
  • Baggages delivery
  • You and your friends will enjoy the business class lounge in Emirates and elsewhere in the world.
  • 75% bonus on the skyward miles.
  • When you travel together, your guest or partner will benefit from gold tier membership.

Where to spend your skywards miles?

Miles can not convert into cash but it works like real money. You can buy a ticket with emirates airline, flydubai as well as the emirates partner airline worldwide. Like digital money, it works to buy the ticket of any sporting events, Can spend for luxury hotel stays, fun-filled family days out, and wide ranges of cultural events worldwide.

How long are the skywards miles valid?

I think there is a lot of time for you to save your milages for spending on your preferable events. Miles are valid for three years from the day you started your journey as a member of the Emirates Airlines and Flydubai.

Is Emirates Skywards Partners worthy?

You might already guess my answer right? Yes, of course, the Emirates Skywards partners program is not only worthy but also more worthy for people who constantly take a flight for the travel.

Although you do not take more flights, you can participate in this program if you make a few flights in a year. The point is here you can save little bucks on each flight with these airlines. Saving is not a bad thing, isn’t it?

Not everyone can receive gold or platinum membership, but reaching the silver could be the best flying experience with this incredible airline in the world.

Conclusion: Emirates membership is a good program aimed for customers who have to make constant flights for business or private travel. You can save some money as a milage on each flight. if you think the milages are nothing, okay, but other benefits make you the best travel experience including, free wifi, business class lounge and seat selection, etc.

If you do not make a single flight in years, it is not valued, but you do some flights, then take part in this program to enjoy extra privileges than the other passengers. The Emirates airline is a little expensive, or you didn’t get a ticket, there’s the option to flydubai, which is a budget airline, and this program also works with it.

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