International banks in the UAE and Dubai

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Dubai is the international trading hub located at the strategic place on the world business map. Since the world-class companies established their regional headquarters in Dubai, the city becomes the most valuable place for the multinational companies’ supply chain. Along with other industries, the international financial institutions also come into this country with the regional headquarters, the result for that, there are 27 international banks, in addition, 11 wholesale lending banks in the UAE.

Most of the international banks in the UAE come from the GCC and others from the United States, Europ, and some Indian banks are active in the markets. The international banks providing services through;

  1.  Direct lending: The banks have opened the branches and deal with the individuals or the institution for lending and they provide other general banking services.
  2. Wholesales lending: The lending bank work with the third-party to lend the fund to the customers. The lender will not deal with the individual or institution but a third party bank or credit union will deal with the customer and the fund will be received from the wholesales banker.

Almost all the multinational banks have established their head offices in Dubai and branches in other parts of the UAE. In another world, Dubai is not only for the business hub for international trade but also it is the regional financial hub for the gulf region.

Due to strong local economic growth and thriving market demand for finance, multinational financial institutions moved to Dubai.

Despite uncertainty about the Gulf economy and the lower oil prices in the world. The international banks expect slowing growth in 2020 and will start to bounce back as normal from 2021.

International banks in Dubai | Banks in the UAE

International banks in the UAE are headquartered in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the most popular city in the United Arab Emirates.

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Top banks in the United Arab Emirates. 

List of the best bank in UAE

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