How travelers to declare asset value in UAE?


The UAE government has announced a new requirement for visitors, residents, and Emiratis to declare any precious objects or cash worth AED 60,000 when traveling from or to the UAE.

Although there is no detailed list provided, valuable assets include any currency, negotiable monetary instruments, precious metals stones, and so on.

Anyone entering or leaving the UAE with the above-mentioned assets whose value exceeds the 60,000dhs must disclose them by filling out the form at the customs point.

Where can declare asset value in UAE?

There are three ways you can enter and exit the UAE from the international airports, seaports, and land borders.

The UAE government’s three bodies, immigration, customs, and police, are collaborating to provide services in these vital facilities. To report asset worth while traveling in the UAE, you must do so at a customs office.

How to declare asset value in the UAE?

Individuals can declare the worth of their assets in two ways: online and offline.

Online: You can declare the worth of your assets by filling out the online form on the Federal Authority and Identity Citizenship Customs and Port Security website or on their smart app.

Offline: The asset declaration form is available at customs checkpoints in airports, seaports, and at land borders. You must fill it out completely and submit it to the customs officer on duty.

The new restriction further emphasizes that travelers under the age of 18 are not permitted to carry assets worth more than the above limit.

If a traveler under the age of 18 has cash in their possession that will add to their guardian asset limit, the asset value, including their children, should not exceed AED 60,000.

When entering and leaving the UAE, it is advised not to travel with valuables worth more than AED 60,000. In order to prevent upcoming travel restrictions, you must declare it at the customer checkpoint if required.

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