How to check dubai police traffic fine online.

Dubai police have a sister organization RTA (Roads Transport Authority) which is responsible to issue the driving license, registering the vehicles, enforce the traffic rules, and penalize the traffic violation المخالفات المرورية. In this post, I would guide you on how to check Dubai police traffic fine or way to RTA fine check online.

Before you become a traffic violator المخالفات المرورية nominee in Dubai, please try not to breach the law, because, some violations come with a heavy penalty, which could be much more than your three-month salary.

List of the Dubai police traffic fine; 

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Two ways to impose traffic fine in Dubai;

  1.  RTA or the police officer caught you while you have violated the traffic rules or
  2. The violation spotted through the radar or hidden camera.

If you are aware of the violation, or think so, even though there is no police officer. Come back to your home and check RTA fine on the Road Transport Authority’s website by just entering a few information.

If you want to الإستعلام عن المخالفات Inquiries about violations of the traffic rules in Dubai or want to pay the fine visit the RTA website. or RTA mobile app.

Steps of RTA fine check, and pay

  1. Go to the main menu and find the service section on the RTA website.
  2. On the submenu, you would find a driver and car owner services and click.
  3. Scroll down until you find Pay Vehicle Fines and click here
    rta fine check
  4. At the bottom right of the page, click apply now button.
    Dubai police traffic fine
  5. Then search the traffic fine, by using the following options;
    1. Plate Details:
      • Enter plate number
      • Select the emirates
      • Select the vehicles category
      • Choose the code
      • Check I’m not a robot button
      • then search 
    2. License Number:
      • Enter license number
      • select the Emirates where it was issued
      • Check I’m not a robot
      • Then search
    3. Fine Number:
      • Enter file number
      • select source
      • chose year
      • Check I’m not a robot
      • then search
    4. Traffic file number
      • enter traffic files number
      • Check I’m not a robot
      • Then search 
  6. When you search for a fine, you should complete further steps with your payment method.
  7. Last option is confirmation for the payment

There are a number of ways to search and pay RTA fine in Dubai. You can use offline and online methods that are as follows;

  1. RTA website (credit card)

  2. Mobile App (credit card)

  3. Kiosks machines;

  4. Service Centres

  5. Other Service Providers

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