Are you safe for financial secret from Du quick recharge?

Du is a popular network provider in the UAE and has offered many options for a mobile top-up, monthly bill payment and shopping from its stores. One of the latest and very easy methods for recharging your mobile balance is Du quick recharge services.

In this post, I will write my analysis of du quick recharge online service where you should link your debit or credit card to top up your mobile balance. Since I am a long-time mobile user of the Du network in the UAE, I am going to disclose the safety facts behind the financial secrecy of the quick du recharge users.

What is the Du Quick recharge?

It is the online recharge services offered by Du where the users can top-up their mobile or the mobile of others without login the customer portal.

How can I make Du mobile top-up in UAE?

Several methods allow you to top-up your mobile credit in the UAE. Specifically, we can divide them into two;

  1. Offline
    • Recharge card
    • Recharge voucher
  2. Online
    • kiosk machine
    • Other online payment gateway and website.
    • Internet banking
    • Via your credit and debit card.

How to use Du Quick recharge?

  • Go to the Du official website
  • du-quick-recharge
  • on the main menu section go over the recharge option and click.
  • Enter your mobile number or others’ mobile number and click next.
  • Input your debit or credit card number and security code
  • confirm your transaction
  • Check your mobile balance whether success or not.

Can I use the international credit or debit card for Du mobile recharge?

No, the card should be issued in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, including UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar, however, it has not limited any financial institutions.

Your card should have enabled for the online transaction services through card issuer banks or financial institutions.

Banks should have allowed you to make cross-border transactions through this card if you use the other GCC’s bank card instead of UAE.

Generally, most of the credit cards that have issued in the GCC are widely accepted within the GCC countries.

Is Quick recharge du secured?

You need to provide some financial details such as card number and security code when you use this service to top-up your mobile balance. Although it collects some financial data from the users they should not worry about misusing them.

Here are some remarkable points which convince you that the Du quick online payment is secure and safe.

  1. Du is itself a leading telecommunication company in GCC.
  2. It is a reputable company and the most profitable organization in the gulf region.
  3. It comes within the top ten list of the most preferable brands in the UAE from the consumer perspective.
  4. A  PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified organization.
  5. The company has a strict Data Security Program to prevent from the online hacking
  6. All the online transaction goes through a Secure Network and Systems
  7. The company has employed the talent for Vulnerability Management Program
  8. Has Implemented Strong Access Control Measures
  9. Regularly Monitor and Test Networks from the internal and external employees.
  10. The company has complied with international Information Security Policy

Wrapping up: Most people usually worry about making a financial transaction online when they come to do so, because, there are many credit card frauds have recorded and the trends are increasing day by day. In my best knowledge using the Du quick recharge is secure services for its users.

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