VISA Guide

VISA Guide

VISA Guide: The visa is the official document allowing the individual to enter, stay, and work in the countries which issue it.

The different country has different immigration law to guide the visa-issuing officers and they will provide the Visa for someone according to the law.

Types of visas?

Although the types of visas differ from country to county, there are some common types of visas that each county has implemented.

  • Work visa: It allows the visa holder to work in the country. When it expires need to renew for continuously working in the country.
  • study visa: It provides to the international student, to allow them to enter the country and achieved higher education.
  • tourist visa: This visa provides to the people who want to visit the country for touring purpose. The visa validity can be started from 15 days to 90 days.
  • visit visa: This visa grants to the individual who wants to enter the country to visit their relative, friends, or family member may already resident of the county.
  • Transit visa: The airline crews and seaman can obtain a transit visa if they are going through the countries airport or the seaport. It allows them to tours surrounding areas of the airport or port facilities.
  • Diplomatic visa: This is a visa that takes a short time for issuance because it issues against the high-level government officials of friendly countries.

In this category, you will learn how to check visa status for the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Korea, and Singapore as well as other countries in the world.

Many countries allow the visa holder to check their visa status online on the official website of immigration, but, people may not get the result if they don’t follow the correct procedure.

Therefore, we will guide you with the correct procedure to check visa status online for the specific country and Tracking the visa application online.