job vacancies in uae for freshers way to find them and apply successfully.

job vacancies in UAE for freshers

The UAE has emerged as a prime destination for job seekers around the world because of the well-established policies in employment compared to the other nations in the Gulf region. The robust economic growth of the UAE has not only provided abundant opportunities for professionals in various sectors but has also generated numerous job vacancies in UAE for freshers.

Finding job opportunities for fresh graduates can be challenging in the UAE, as many openings prioritize candidates with prior experience. However, there are strategies you can employ to enhance your job search. In this post, I’ll guide navigating the job market in the UAE as a fresh graduate.

If you’re currently outside the United Arab Emirates and seeking opportunities in the UAE job market as a fresher, it might not be advisable. UAE companies generally hesitate to hire fresh candidates from abroad due to the extensive paperwork involved in obtaining approval from the UAE Ministry of Labor and Immigration. It’s unlikely that they would go through this process for a fresher candidate.

If you’re already in the UAE or are a UAE national, here are some tips to effectively search for jobs in the UAE market:

Job vacancies in UAE for freshers;

1. Update Your CV;

Ensure your curriculum vitae (CV) is current, highlighting relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications. Even if you’re a fresher, include any job training pertinent to the position you’re applying for. It’s crucial not only to format your CV professionally but also to organize it virtually.

2. Utilize Online Job Portals;

Online job portals like Bayt, GulfTalent, Indeed, and LinkedIn are highly favored platforms where employers post diverse job opportunities spanning various industries.

Creating an account on these platforms and uploading your CV lets you stay informed. When employers seek to hire fresher candidates, these portals promptly notify you, ensuring you don’t miss out on relevant opportunities.

3. Develop your Networking;

Another effective method of securing your dream job in the United Arab Emirates is through leveraging your social media network.

Online forums, Facebook groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn are valuable platforms where you can connect with professionals in your industry. These connections may inform you about job openings and even recommend you for specific positions.

Additionally, networking with friends, family members, and colleagues already employed in UAE organizations can be highly beneficial for fresh candidates. Not only can they inform you about vacancies, but they can also recommend you for higher positions within the company.

It’s worth noting that approximately 50% of job vacancies in the UAE are filled through employee referrals.

Even if you don’t have relatives working in your desired company, building connections with employees from your country, if possible, can still be advantageous.

Strengthening these connections can expand your network and increase your chances of learning about job opportunities within your target organizations.

4. Contact with Recruitment Agencies;

Register with reputable recruitment agencies in the UAE. They often have access to exclusive job listings and can help match your skills and experience with suitable positions. For top recruitment agencies in Dubai click here

5. Check out Company Website;

To avoid falling for scam job ads, it’s best to visit the official website of the company you’re interested in.

Check out their career section to see if they have any current job listings that match your skills. By applying directly through the company’s website, you can ensure that you’re submitting your application for legitimate positions.

This helps safeguard against potential scams and ensures that your application is directed to the right place.

6. Develop your professionalism;

Even if you’re a recent graduate or new to the UAE job market, your professional development, including relevant training or internships, can give you a competitive advantage.

Consider completing job-specific professional training or gaining practical experience while you’re still a student to enhance your skills and stand out to potential employers.

7. Well Prepare for Interviews;

Being well-prepared for an interview is essential for success. Here are some key steps you should take to prepare:

1. Practice common interview questions.
2. Research the company thoroughly.
3. Highlight your enthusiasm and relevant skills.

8. Stay Persistent and Patient;

In today’s digital age, finding job listings is as easy as a few clicks, with thousands of options available within minutes.

However, securing the right position with the right employer can be a time-consuming process. Many applications may go unanswered, but it’s important not to get discouraged.

Patience and persistence are key in your job search journey. While it may take some time, staying committed to your job search strategies can eventually lead you to your dream job. Don’t lose hope and keep pushing forward until you find the perfect opportunity.

By following these tips, you can enhance the chances of finding suitable job vacancies in uae for freshers.

While it may seem challenging for freshers to secure employment in the UAE market, it’s important to note that some companies and sectors actively seek out fresh talent.

Researching these companies and industries can help fresh candidates identify opportunities where experience may not be the primary focus.

Top companies in UAE for career growth in 2024


With 10 thousand national and multinational companies spanning sectors from construction to services, the United Arab Emirates offers abundant employment opportunities for both local and international job seekers. It’s advisable to seek employment in a company where your career can flourish and grow. This post provides insights into the top companies in the UAE that offer promising opportunities for career advancement in 2024.

  1. Bain & Company:

    It is one of the American management consulting companies headquartered in Baston and provides consulting services for public, private, and non-profit organizations.

Bain & Company has extended its operations to 40 countries, encompassing 65 cities worldwide, including Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If you’re seeking career advancement in the top companies of the UAE in 2024, this exceptional organization presents promising career opportunities.

2. Mastercard;

Mastercard, an American technology company and the world’s second-largest payment solution gateway has established regional headquarters in the UAE, specifically in Dubai.

Professionals working for this organization in 2024 have promising career prospects within the company, offering opportunities for career advancement and growth.

3. Procter & Gamble;

P&G, a multinational company, sells personal care and hygiene products globally. In the Gulf region, their products are popular in beauty, grooming, healthcare, fabric, and home care. With its extensive network and workforce, there may be career opportunities for professionals in 2024.

4. Kearney;

It is one of the world’s oldest management consulting firms which offers consultation on digital analysis, management consultation, merger and acquisition, product design, data transformation, etc.

The Kearney Fortune Global 500 recording company is expanding significantly in the United Arab Emirates. With this growth, there are ample opportunities for employees to advance to higher positions.

5. Emirates:

Emirates, the leading airline and aviation company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has successfully rebounded from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As it regains momentum, the company is swiftly approaching its pre-pandemic operational levels with a burgeoning demand for skilled professionals. This resurgence opens up abundant opportunities for career advancement within the organization.

6. Boston Consulting Group (BCG);

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a premier business consulting firm, boasting a formidable presence not only in the American market but also on a global scale.

BSG extends its expertise in consulting services to individuals, businesses, and government entities.

As widespread ambition among UAE-based companies to enhance their business performance, the demand for reputable consulting firms like BCG is poised to soar.

This paves the way for abundant opportunities for Boston Consulting Group to flourish in the UAE in the years to come.

7. Majid Al Futtaim;

The company was established by Majid Al Futtaim, the wealthiest individual in the UAE, and has boasted a diverse business portfolio spanning industries such as shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, and hypermarkets across the UAE and the Gulf region.

With over 30,000 employees across its various subsidiaries, the organization provides ample opportunities for highly qualified individuals to ascend to deserving positions in the forthcoming years.

8. DP World;

DP World, a conglomerate owned by the Dubai government, has established, operated, and overseen numerous ports on a global scale. With a substantial workforce, the company offers numerous senior positions that enable swift career progression for its employees within the organization.

9. McKinsey & Company;

This firm specializes in strategy and business consulting, offering its expertise to private industries, governmental bodies, and various organizations.

Collaborating with McKinsey & Company, they guide clients towards discovering growth opportunities and embarking on a journey towards sustainable growth for the future.

10. Miral;

Miral is a UAE-based company specializing in real estate investment, development, and management.

As the real estate sector poses high possibilities for growth in the UAE Miral also continues for sustained growth in the future.

Along with the business growth, it offers abundant employment opportunities in the local market for years to come.

11.  Visa;

It is a Finance, IT services, and consulting firm that exists in virtually every country worldwide, thanks to Visa’s expansive employee network. This creates significant opportunities for career growth and excellence among Visa’s workforce.

12. ADNOC Group

ADNOC, the UAE’s government-owned firm, explores, drills, and supplies oil and gas worldwide. As the UAE’s biggest oil and gas company, it generates hundreds of new jobs each year, offering employees ample opportunities to grow their careers.

13. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, headquartered in France, is a multinational corporation famous for its expertise in digital automation and energy management.

Its presence in the UAE has consistently fostered favorable conditions for employee career progression and professional development, a trend anticipated to persist into 2024.

14. Marsh McLennan

Marsh Mclennan is a global professional services provider specializing in risk management, strategy, and human capital solutions.

Its offerings encompass a wide range of services, including insurance brokerage, risk advisory, HR consulting, and more.

15. HSBC

HSBC, a globally renowned bank headquartered in London, boasts a widespread presence spanning Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. With its extensive network of employees, opportunities for career advancement, including in the UAE, are consistently abundant.

The Top companies in UAE for 2024, as previously mentioned, derive from research conducted on the professional networking platform LinkedIn. For individuals aspiring to excel in their careers this year, these abovementioned companies represent optimal choices due to their esteemed reputation, expansive size, impressive profitability, and extensive employee networks.

“Top 15 Big Companies in the UAE”


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) serves as a key hub for the regional headquarters of major multinational corporations. While international companies thrive in the nation, local companies proudly claim the title of big companies in the UAE. The selection of these companies is based on their size, revenue, and workforce.

Among the top companies in the UAE, financial institutions, including both government-owned and private entities, hold a prominent position. Here are some of the significant players in the UAE business scene:

1. Etisalat:

  •  A government-owned telecommunications enterprise with a market capitalization of AED 329 billion.
  • Operating for over 47 years, Etisalat extends its reach across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
  •  Boasting a workforce of over 40,000 employees representing 81 nationalities across 16 countries. website

2. National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD):

  • The second-largest company in the UAE and a leading financial institution.
  • Offers diverse financial services across five continents and 17 countries, with a workforce exceeding 20,000 employees. website 

3. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB):

  • A major commercial bank with over 7,000 employees and 56 branches in the UAE.
  • The government of Abu Dhabi holds a significant 62 percent of its shares.

4. Emirates NBD:

  •  Dubai government’s holding bank with total assets of AED 836 billion as of September 2023.
  • Serving over 16 million customers in 13 countries with a global workforce of 30,000 individuals.

5. TAQA (Abu Dhabi National Energy Company):

  • The leading energy entity in the UAE, primarily owned by the Abu Dhabi government.
  • Operations span 11 countries across four continents, engaging in energy production, distribution, and exploration.


  • A prominent real estate development company specializing in property, retail complexes, and hospitality facilities.
  • Notable for its role in the construction of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower.

7. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB):

  • A significant commercial bank in the UAE, with assets reaching USD 39 billion in 2023.
  • Extends operations internationally to countries such as Egypt, KSA, the UK, Qatar, Sudan, and Iraq.

8. Mashreq:

  • Established in 1967, one of the longest-standing banks in the Middle East, with a presence in 13 countries.
  • Offers a broad range of banking solutions, particularly focusing on the Gulf region.

9. Aldar Properties PJSC:

  • A leading real estate investment and development firm in Abu Dhabi.

10. RAK Bank:

  • The premier commercial bank in the UAE, established by the government of Ras Al Khaimah.
  • A prominent retail and business bank with total assets of AED 52.8 billion.

11. Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB):

  • Established in 1975, the first bank globally to fully incorporate Islamic principles in all practices.
  • Total capital reported as 31.33 million as of 2023.

12. Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD):

  • A full-fledged financial institution headquartered in Dubai, with total capital exceeding $23 billion in 2023.

13. Dana Gas:

  • A publicly traded natural gas company based in Sharjah, involved in the exploration, production, and marketing of hydrocarbons.

14. Changlin Company:

  • A Chinese company producing heavy construction machinery, with a significant assembly hub in the UAE.

15. National Bank of Fujairah (NBF):

  • A fully commercial banking corporation based in Fujairah, offering a range of financial services.

These 15 big companies in UAE, have contributed significantly to the UAE’s economic growth and provide substantial employment opportunities locally and globally.

Top gas and oil companies in UAE. 

Top cyber security companies in UAE.

Using vpn in nepal is legal or illegal?


Nepal is a tiny Himalayan nation that has embraced democracy and guaranteed fundamental rights including freedom of expression in its constitution. Nepaleas are actively engaged in world social media platforms in today’s digital era contributing to the nation’s connection with the world.

Despite Nepal’s government’s bans on specific websites and social media, the use of VPN in Nepal to access them is increasing. In this post, I will discuss the implications and considerations surrounding using VPNs in Nepal.

What are VPNs?

VPN “Virtual Private Network” allows you to connect to the internet through an encrypted channel to avoid publicly exposing your online privacy. VPNs commonly used to secure sensitive data, bypass geo-restrictions, and protect against online surveillance.

Who uses VPNs in Nepal?

Public entities, private financial institutions, and diplomatic offices use VPN devices to enhance network security. In Nepal, some individuals also use VPN applications to access restricted websites.

Which websites and social media are banned in Nepal?

The Nepal government has banned websites featuring inappropriate content, including those related to prone and zoo bestialities, along with the widely popular TikTok app. The government cites concerns that these platforms have had a negative impact on social harmony and family relations.

Using VPNs to access restricted websites;

In Nepal, cyber law is the Electronics Transactions Act, 2063 (2008 AD), the only law dealing with various computer-related illegal acts of violence.

While the law in Nepal has clearly defined unlawful activities involving computers or the internet and prescribed penalties for such offenses, it does not explicitly declare the use of VPNs as illegal.

Is using a VPN in Nepal legal?

Using a VPN in Nepal is not illegal because many public and commercial enterprises, including government offices banks, and other financial institutions, use them to improve network security.

Using VPNs for online activities is legal for visitors, tourists, and the general public in Nepal. However, it is essential to ensure that your online presence with VPN, does not compromise the data privacy of others.

Whether you employ a VPN or not, engaging in unlawful activities through computers or the internet in Nepal can result in a minimum imprisonment period of 6 months to 3 years or a fine ranging from a minimum of NPR 50,000 to 300,000.

Using a VPN for legitimate purposes is generally free from legal repercussions. However, engaging in malicious activities such as hacking, spreading hate speech, disclosing private information, and violating copyright laws while using a VPN in Nepal may lead to imprisonment or fines.

How to check labour contract with passport number?

how to check labour contract with passport number

The labor contract in the UAE is an important legal agreement between employers and employees. Its terms and conditions carry legal weight. Both employees and employers are obligated to adhere to the stipulations outlined in the contract. How to check labour contract with passport number? if you are looking for a solution to it you are at the right place.

According to the UAE labor law, once you sign, you should receive a copy of your labor contract. If not, you can download it from the Ministry of Labour (MOL) website.

How to check labour contract with passport number?

In the UAE, you have several options to check your labor contract. These include:

1. MOHRE Website: You can visit the official website of the Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) and use their online services to check your labor contract.

2. MOHRE App: The official MOHRE app is available for download, and you can use it to access various services, including checking your labor contract.

3. Typing Centers: There are approved typing centers in the UAE that provide government-related services. You can visit one of these centers to inquire about or check your labor contract. [Popular typing center in UAE]

Using these official channels ensures that you access accurate and up-to-date information regarding your labor contract in the UAE.

To check your labour contract on the MOL website click on this link

Step 1: On the main menu go over the service section and from the dropdown menu find the job offers and contract services then click it.


Step 2 When you click, you’ll land on a new tab where you can find labor contract documents from the Ministry of Labor.

Last Step: Scroll down until you find View My Contract there are two options available to search your labor contracts.

  1. Search by transaction number 
    • Enter 
      •  your transaction numbers
      • Passport Number
      • Captcha
      • click view my contract
  2. Search by EIDA (Emirates ID)
    • Enter
      • Emirates ID
      • Captcha
      • OTP
      • Captcha
      • click view my contract

When you provide the complete information and click the view my contract, you will obtain the full contract information you signed with the employer.

After you sign the labour contract the employer needs to submit it to the ministry it will be uploaded into the database your request will retrieve the labor contract.

Learn more about the labor contracts in the UAE

How to remove absconding case in immigration?

how to remove absconding case in immigration

Employers in the UAE can file an absconding case against the employee if he or she abstains from work longer than 7 days without a valid reason. The Ministry of Labor in the UAE is responsible for imposing the labor ban which can last for 6 months to 1 year.  If you are looking for how to remove an absconding case in immigration you are at the right place.

The labor ban affects employees’ ability to work in the UAE because employer companies are reluctant to hire individuals under the labor ban from the labor ministry (MOHRE).

There are two types of bans in the UAE 1. immigration ban and 2. labour ban To learn the difference between these bans click here.

Here are some key points related to the labor ban;

  1. Absconding: The employee intentionally avoids work longer than 7 days without informing the employer.
  2. Duration: Typically labor bans last for 1 year however some bans could be to 3 to 6 months.
  3. Responsibility: The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiritisation (MOHRE) is in charge of implementing the restriction on foreign workers after carefully reviewing the employer’s complaint.

2. Work restriction: If you have a labor ban in the UAE, you are not allowed to work in the country. You will face severe consequences if you are caught working with any employer without lifting the ban.

How to remove absconding case in immigration?

There are two conditions for the labor ban to can lift upon you in the United Arab Emirates;

  1. Automatically: The labor ban in the UAE is imposed at the discretion of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiritisation depending on the severity of offenses. There are individuals who have faced the 3-month to 1-year labor ban. Some bans can restrict the employee from entering the country permanently.

In the common scenario, the labor ban in the UAE restricts individuals from getting a work permit for 1 year. If your ban is 6 months it will automatically remove after the completion of that period.

  1. Remove by your employer: The employer can withdraw the absconding complaint from the Ministry Of Labour and coordinate the relevant authority for removing the labor ban for the individual employee.

What it do to remove the labor ban in the UAE?

 If You Are Outside the UAE;

1. Contact Your Previous Employer:

You should contact the previous employer company’s PRO or human resource department and discuss withdrawing the absconding complaint.

If the Employer company agrees to it the Ministry of Labour will remove the labor ban once the complaint is withdrawn.

2. Legal Assistance:

If you do not want to contact the company directly then go through the legal firm in the UAE. They can coordinate with your previous employer and process the labor ban-lifting.

4. Contact with immigration:

Everything has multiple ways to be solved you can contact the relevant government offices such as MOHRE and IMMIGRATION to know if there is an alternative way to remove the labor ban. They can provide guidance on the steps you need to take.

5. Legal Representation:

You can hire a lawyer as a legal representation if you encounter challenges in contact with the previous employer. A professional lawyer can ensure your case is in compliance with local law.

If You Are Inside the UAE:

Whether you’re inside or outside the UAE, the procedure for addressing a labor ban remains the same.

However, if you’re currently within the country, you have the advantage of being able to visit the relevant authority offices in person, either independently or accompanied by a representative from your previous employer.

This direct interaction can enhance the effectiveness of your efforts to resolve the labor ban issue.

1. Contact the Ministry of Labour:

When you visit the Ministry of Labour, the employee of the ministry will inform the nature of the complaint against you.

Moreover, they will guide you through the necessary steps to lift the imposed labor ban.

2. Contact Your Previous Employer:

If the previous employer approves your request to withdraw the absconding complaint from the ministry it can be a golden opportunity and the fastest way to lift the labor ban in the UAE.

3. Legal Assistance:

It costs some money if you go through a legal firm to remove your labor ban in the UAE but is highly effective. UAE lawyers possess comprehensive knowledge of labor and immigration laws of the country that can make your labor restriction removal process very smooth.

How to remove absconding cases in immigration? the answer to this question is two ways as I have mentioned above but when there is a fabrication claim from the employer and financial dues the process is very crucial

you have pending any financial due in the country, if the employer has fabricated your case and has claimed other misdemeanors from you. Seeking legal help ensures a thorough and fair resolution, even if it involves some cost.

Top 10 legal firms in the UAE

10 economic principles in UAE for the next decade


Following the high-level governmental meeting on October 7 and 8, the UAE government has formulated a roadmap for the country’s economy, outlining a ten-year plan for its development. These 10 economic principles in the UAE will be central to the UAE’s economic planning and growth.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has taken to Twitter to share the following message “Today, we concluded the annual meetings of the UAE government, during which we decided to focus significantly in the coming period on the economic agenda with the aim of enhancing the country’s developmental momentum, reinforcing and solidifying it, and reaching new levels of growth”.

This announcement underscores the UAE government’s commitment to prioritizing economic development and growth in the nation’s agenda.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has published on Twitter a two-page “The UAE Economic Principles Document”.

As indicated in the Twitter post, the primary objective of this plan is to transform the UAE into a unified economic and investment destination within a decade.

This plan likely outlines key economic strategies and policies to foster economic growth and development in the UAE over the specified timeframe.

What are the 10 economic principles in the UAE?


The 10 economic principles in the UAE, as outlined in the country’s economic development roadmap, are as follows:

1. Globally Open and Free Economic Environment: The UAE aims to maintain a globally open and free economic environment, fostering international trade and business activities.

2. Attracting Top Talent: The country is dedicated to attracting and retaining top talent, both domestic and international, to contribute to its economic growth.

3. Investment in Digital Economics: The UAE is focusing on investing in digital economics to drive innovation, technological advancement, and digital transformation across various sectors.

4. Youth Development and Opportunity Creation: The government is committed to developing and creating opportunities for the nation’s youth, ensuring they have a significant role in the economy.

5. Sustainable and Balanced Economics: Sustainability is a key principle, with a focus on balanced economic development that addresses environmental and social concerns.

6. Strong and Stable Financial System: The UAE seeks to maintain a strong and stable financial system to support economic growth and stability.

7. Strong and Fair Legislative Environment: Ensuring a strong and fair legislative environment is vital for business and investment activities.

8. Transparency and the Rule of Law: Transparency and adherence to the rule of law are essential for promoting trust and accountability in economic activities.

9. Robust Banking System for Business Support: A strong banking system is essential to support businesses, both small and large, in their growth and operations.

10. World-Class Transport and Logistics Infrastructure: The UAE is committed to maintaining world-class transport and logistics infrastructure, facilitating the movement of goods and people to support economic activities.

These principles form the foundation of the UAE’s economic planning and development strategy for the coming decade, reflecting its dedication to sustainable growth and global competitiveness.


Saudi Arabia embassy in Nepal

Saudi Arabia embassy in Nepal

Nepal and Saudi Arabia established diplomatic relations in 1977, and  Nepal opened diplomatic offices at the level of charge d’affaires in 1978. The Saudi Arabia embassy in Nepal and the Nepal embassy in Saudi Arabia mark a significant development in their relationship and provide formal and permanent representations of their country.

The bilateral relationship between both countries has been leveraged to reinforce five fundamental principles, which include peaceful co-existence, friendship, cooperation, commitment, and adherence to the principles outlined in the United Nations Charter.

This approach underscores the importance of maintaining peaceful relations, fostering friendship, promoting cooperation, upholding commitments, and adhering to the principles of the United Nations Charter as core tenets of their diplomatic ties.

Saudi Arabia embassy in Nepal

Sumangal maharajgunj opposite of nirmalniwash former king residence
Kathmandu, Nepal



Working HoursFrom 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m

Cooperation of development ;

Nepal has secured loans from Saudi Arabia to finance the development of various hydroelectric projects across the country.

Additionally, these loans have been used to support the expansion and development of Nepal’s east-west transportation infrastructure.

This financial assistance plays a crucial role in the development of Nepal’s energy sector and transportation networks, contributing to the country’s overall infrastructure and economic growth.

Economic Relation;

The economic cooperation between Nepal and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has presented opportunities for Saudi Arabia to assist in the improvement of the economic status of Nepali Muslim communities.

This assistance includes initiatives related to the development of agriculture and providing emergency aid to support these communities.

This collaboration underscores the importance of international economic partnerships in addressing the needs and aspirations of various communities.


Nepal is a country that offers incredible cultural and natural experiences for tourists from around the world. For Saudi citizens looking to spend their summer vacations with their families abroad, Nepal can be the perfect destination.

Cultural Cooperation

Every year, millions of Muslims undertake a sacred journey to Saudi Arabia, specifically to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, to perform the Hajj pilgrimage.

This religious pilgrimage holds immense significance for Muslims worldwide. Notably, the number of people from Nepal participating in this pilgrimage has been steadily increasing each year.

The government of Nepal extends its full support to the Nepali Muslim communities who wish to embark on this holy pilgrimage.

Additionally, the Saudi Arabian embassy in Nepal plays a crucial role by providing pilgrimage visas to these individuals.

This cooperative effort between the governments of Nepal and Saudi Arabia not only facilitates the pilgrimage for Nepali Muslims but also strengthens the cultural ties between both nations.

Labour Agreement Cooperation;

The interpersonal relationships between the citizens of the two countries have been on a steady rise in recent years, primarily due to the significant influx of Nepali workers who have come to Saudi Arabia for employment opportunities.

With more than 500,000 Nepali expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia, they have played a crucial role in contributing to the kingdom’s development.

Despite ongoing discussions, a formal Labor Agreement between the two countries has not been signed yet. This delay is primarily attributed to disagreements between the involved parties.

The absence of a well-structured labor agreement has resulted in challenges faced by Nepali workers in Saudi Arabia.

These challenges include exploitation by certain companies and malpractices in the recruitment process back in Nepal, which need to be addressed for the welfare of Nepali workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How to get the Saudi Arabia embassy in Nepal?

To get to the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Nepal, follow these addresses;

Saudi Arabian Embassy 
Sumangal, Maharajgunj 
Kathmandu, Nepal

1. By Taxi: You can hire a taxi to take you to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Kathmandu. Taxis are readily available throughout the city.

2. Public Transportation: You can also use public transportation to reach the embassy. Buses and micro-buses are commonly used in Kathmandu.

Ask for a route that goes to Maharajgunj or Sumangal to get close to the embassy. From there, it’s a short walk to the embassy.

Make sure to check the embassy’s operating hours and any appointment requirements before visiting, as these details may change and you might need to schedule your visit in advance for certain services.

Benefits of Using the Student Portal in UAE how to sign up?


The student portal in the UAE is an online platform developed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to provide students with access to a wide range of educational resources.

These resources include course schedules, contact information for educators, grades, class materials, and more.

These portals are designed to offer a centralized digital hub where students can access a wide range of information and resources related to their education and campus life.

Key features of the student portal in UAE;

  1. Course-related information:

it is an integral part of the student portal in the UAE. The Ministry of Education and its affiliated educational institutions will provide details about the courses available to students and post relevant information about these courses on the portal.

This information may include course descriptions, schedules, prerequisites, and any additional resources or materials necessary for successful course completion.

2. Registration and enrollment;

Registration on the student portal is a straightforward process. Students can easily view the availability of courses and enroll online.

This registration process can take place directly on the Ministry of Education website, or it may redirect students to the specific educational institution that is offering the course.

This user-friendly approach simplifies the enrollment process and ensures that students have access to the courses they need.

3. Financial information;

Access to tuition payment details, financial aid information, and the ability to view or pay bills online.

3. Personal information;

In order to access the student portal in the UAE, students are typically required to create an account or use their UAE pass.

This account or UAE pass contains their personal information, including their name, contact details, emergency contact information, and other relevant details.

This information is used to personalize the student’s experience on the portal and ensure that they can access the resources and services they need for their education.

4. Communication tools:

Features like email, messaging systems, and announcements from professors or the institution.

5. News and events:

The student portal in the UAE provides students with access to updated information about upcoming events organized by educational institutions or the Ministry of Education (MOE).

This includes details about academic, extracurricular, and administrative events. Students can stay informed about important dates, activities, and opportunities within their educational community through the portal, ensuring they don’t miss out on any relevant events.

6. Online learning tools:

Within the student portal in the UAE, students can access learning management systems (LMS) that provide them with the tools and resources needed for online courses and assignments.

These LMS platforms enable students to engage in online learning, access course materials, submit assignments, interact with instructors, and participate in various educational activities through a digital interface.

Student portals help streamline administrative processes, improve communication between students and educational institutions, and enhance the educational experience.

How to access the student portal in UAE?

To access the student portal in the UAE, you must have a UAE pass, which serves as a digital identity for all citizens, residents, and visitors. If you do not have a UAE pass account, you can sign up for one by following this link:

Once you have a UAE pass, you can sign in to the student portal. To do this, click on “Sign in with the UAE pass.”


Then, you can enter your Emirates ID, phone number, or email address that have associated with your UAE pass. This will grant you access to the portal and its resources.


When you sign up using the UAE pass for the first time, you have the opportunity to update your information on the platform and create a password that you can use for future logins.

The email address you provided during the sign-up process is required to access the student portal.

For students who may have forgotten their password, the process of resetting it is relatively straightforward.

They can initiate the password reset by clicking the “Forgot Password” button and then following the password reset link sent to their email address. This allows them to regain access to their account in the event of a forgotten password.

While educational institutions in the UAE may have their own student portals for accessing course materials and educational resources, the Ministry of Education’s portal offers a significant advantage.

It serves as a centralized platform where students can access not only their course materials but also various organizational access and enrollment opportunities in one place.

This eliminates the need to visit each institute’s site individually, streamlining the process and making it more convenient for students to explore a wide range of educational offerings and resources.

Why ICP changed visit visa UAE rules for renewal


The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP) has recently issued new rules regarding visit visa extensions in the UAE. According to new visit visa UAE rules, individuals who are on a visit visa in the country can renew their visas only once, for a duration of 30 days.

This means that individuals wishing to extend their stay in the UAE can do so for an additional month, but extensions beyond this one-month period will not permit.

The requirements for applying for a visit visa and the types available have not altered. However, please note that the extension period has been limited to 30 days.

How many days of a visit visa you can get in UAE?

Typically, a visit visa in the United Arab Emirates is issued to foreign nationals who wish to visit their family members or friends residing in the UAE on a residency visa.

Additionally, individuals coming to the UAE for specific purposes, such as medical treatment, attending business seminars, or participating in sports events, are also eligible for a visit visa.

Visit visas in the UAE come in two main duration options: 30 days, and 60 days providing flexibility to accommodate various reasons for visiting the country.

The extension of visit visa in the UAE

Previously, the UAE allowed for different durations of visit visa extensions, such as extending a 30-day visa to 60 days, a 60-day visa to 30 days, and a 90-day visa for an additional month but now ICP has discontinued issuing the 90-day visa.

However, the new visit visa rules in the UAE for 2023 have standardized the renewal period to 30 days for all types of visit visas.

For example, if your passport has stamped with a 30-day visit visa, you can extend it for an additional 30 days. The same 30-day extension applies to 60-day visit visas.

The renewal fee for visit visas in the UAE is AED 750. This fee includes the AED 500 issuance fee, AED 100 for the application, AED 100 for smart services, and AED 50 for insurance and authority fees. These rules and fees are applicable as of 2023.

What are the other new provisions?

  1. There are several new provisions related to visit visas in the United Arab Emirates. These provisions include:1. Proof of Kinship and Justification for the Visit: Both the sponsor of the visit visa and the visitor need to provide proof of kinship and a valid justification for the visit. Previously, UAE residents could sponsor anyone’s visit visa, even if they did not have a familial or close relationship with the visitor. This new requirement ensures that there is a legitimate reason for the visit.

    2. Sponsor Location for Visa Extension: To extend a visit visa, the sponsor should be physically present in the UAE and not outside of the country. This requirement ensures that the sponsor can fulfill their responsibilities and obligations during the visitor’s stay in the UAE.

    3. Passport Validation: Visitors applying for a visit visa must have a passport with a validation period longer than 6 months. This requirement ensures that the visitor’s passport remains valid for the entire duration of their stay in the UAE.

    These new provisions aim to enhance the security and transparency of the visit visa process and promote responsible sponsorship and visitation practices within the UAE. Visitors and sponsors should aware of these provisions and adhere to them when applying for or extending visit visas.

How to extend a UAE visit visa?

We can use the various methods of Extending a visit visa for an additional 30 days in the UAE, including visiting a typing center, using the ICP (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) app, or accessing the official website. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you understand the process:

1. Access the ICP Website or App:
Visit the ICP website or use their official smart app, UAEICP.
Look for the “Individual Services” section and locate the option for visa extension.

2. Submit Required Documents:
submit the necessary documents for visa extension. These documents typically include your passport, visa details, and any other required information.

3. Pay the Service Fee:
You can make the payment for the visa extension service fee using various online methods, including credit cards or other online payment services available in the UAE.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship encourages individuals residing in the UAE to apply for visit visa extensions for their relatives or friends online which offers a user-friendly and streamlined process. This enhances the overall experience of accessing electronic services for customers.